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 You may purchase these puzzles direct and even have the Artist Apollo sign the box for a small additional charge. Please email your request for prices and shipping information. If you are a retailer and would like to sell these fine art puzzles please email your request and we will send you the contact information

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You may purchase these Apollo Collectable Art Puzzles direct for $ 14.95 plus shipping.

If you would like a Hand Signed Collectors Edition signed by Apollo the price is $ 19.95 plus shipping.

Phone: 760-985-6952


Legends of Lemuria

There is a legend of a continent that existed , some say 50,000 years ago, before even the time of Atlantis. It is said that it was the cradle of all the ancient Asian cultures. The location of this lost continent was the mid pacific.Those who believe the legend say that the Hawaiian Islands are the peaks of a Lemurian mountain range that collapsed into the ocean under its own weight. In fact the Big Island of Hawaii is the tallest mountain in the world, when measured from the ocean floor.



 Penguin's Playground

Penguins are some of the funniest creatures in nature. These flightless sea birds come in a variety of types and sizes from the silly Rock hoppers,with their flaming yellow-orange hair like feathers, to the majestic Emperor. In addition they share their aquatic home with other sea going mammals. In this image you will also see a Baluga Whale and Palmerson Dolphins.