Apollo currently has Seven puzzles with several more planed. The first five are in the "Circle of Life " Series.

These beautiful puzzles are quite unique in the fact that they are a puzzle within a puzzle.The circular portrait and the surrounding image.They can be put together as one image or separately. This 20 X 30 artwork contains a 525 piece puzzle for adults and a 100 piece round puzzle with larger pieces for children aged 5 and up.


You may purchase these puzzles direct and even have the Artist Apollo sign the box for a small additional charge. Please email your request for prices and shipping information. If you are a retailer and would like to sell these fine art puzzles please email your request and we will send you the contact information

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You may purchase these Apollo Collectable Art Puzzles direct for $ 14.95 plus shipping.

If you would like a Hand Signed Collectors Edition signed by Apollo the price is $ 19.95 plus shipping.



 "Leap of Freedom"

Orcas, also known as Killer Whales are found throughout the worlds great oceans. Even though we all enjoy seeing these magnificent creatures performing in marine parks, their true beauty is in their expression of freedom in their natural habitat. May the world always enjoy the beauty of their splendor.



"Welcome to My World"

Swimming with dolphins is a magical experience. They welcome you to their world with a joyful zest for life. A moments experience can change ones life forever. They seem to have a curious affection for us as well. While swimming with a pod of wild spinner dolphins off the coast of Maui,I felt wonder and amazement as these graceful creatures accepted my presence and performed a beautiful underwater ballet all around me. I felt truly welcomed.



" Return to the Wild"

The world's largest living land mammal, the majestic African Elephant is running out of time and room. These creatures need to roam. Due to poaching and loss of habitat their world is shrinking. The world community needs to help the people of Africa to develop a solid economic base as well as sustainable agriculture. We have the technology we should use it. As for the elephants , lets return them to the wild.



" Precious Life"

The Siberian Tiger is the largest living member of the cat family. They are also one of the most threatened. We need to stop the poaching and establish a restoration of the species through captive breeding programs and reintroduction into their natural habitat. The world would be a much sadder place without this precious life.



" Question of Survival "

A true question of survival, the mountain Gorilla faces both the threat of poachers and a long civil war that threatens their very existence.